Xiaomi claims its new wireless charger can juice up your phone in 19 minutes

I honestly can’t wait for the cable-free life of wireless charging. However, most wireless chargers juice up phones at around 10W, and that’s simply not enough. Thankfully, companies are making strides towards working on faster wireless charging tech.

Xiaomi showed off its new wireless charging tech today that can charge up a phone with a 4,000 mAh battery in just 19 minutes. The 80W charger can charge 10% of the battery in just 1 minute and 50% of the battery in 8 minutes.


This could set a new benchmark for wireless charging standards, but the company hasn’t said when it expects to mass-produce this bad boy.

Currently, Xiaomi manufactures a 50W wireless charger for the Mi 10 Ultra and it also ships a $31 wireless charger that juices up phones at 30W.

In comparison, the company’s competitor, Oppo, unveiled a SuperVooc Air standard that operates at 65W. Apple’s newly launched iPhone 12 can now charge at 15W wirelessly — up from the previous 7.5W cap — but only if you use the company’s proprietary MagSafe charger.

Right now, most top-end wired chargers offer the power of more than 18W. So, mainstream wireless chargers need to catch up and offer better charging speeds for widespread adaptability. It’s already 2020, I can’t wait any longer.


Source:- thenextweb


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