WhatsApp grouped stickers now available on WhatsApp Web: Here’s how to activate it

Stickers on WhatsApp is a big deal for a majority of WhatsApp users these days and WhatsApp continues to refine the feature further to make it pleasant. If you may have noticed, WhatsApp on Android and iOS usually stacks the stickers together if you send two of them in succession. And this is done to save space in the chat window. On small-screen devices, it helps and WhatsApp was also known to work on bringing it to WhatsApp Web as well. The feature is now available.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has now enabled grouped stickers on WhatsApp Web. If you use WhatsApp Web on your PC, you will now be able to see two stickers stacked together if they have been sent in succession. This feature will help in saving space in the chat window and hence, accommodate more content in the same space. For those who text a lot, they could now see more text while sending stickers.


Do note that the feature only works when you send two stickers in succession. If you send more than two, WhatsApp Web will group two stickers together and then put the third one in succession in a separate line. WABetaInfo says that users need to reload WhatsApp Web on their browsers to see the feature working.

The grouped stickers feature has been available in the WhatsApp on smartphones for a long time.

WhatsApp recently introduced a major new feature to enhance privacy for users on Android phones. WhatsApp users on Android phones can now secure their chats with fingerprint unlock on their devices. Once enabled, users will have to input their fingerprint every time they log into the app. This is useful for those who have to give access via password to someone else on the device but want to keep the chats away from prying eyes. The feature works with both capacitive as well as in-display fingerprint sensors.

On iPhones, users can use the FaceID system to lock their WhatsApp chats for enhanced privacy.
WhatsApp is currently working on a feature that will allow access to WhatsApp account from multiple devices. It is said to work similarly to Notifications Registration on the iOS app where WhatsApp will let a user access the account and chats from any device but lock the account on other devices at the same time.



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