UAN Claim Status- Best Method of EPF Withdrawal Status Check

We can have 3 ways to check the claim status of your EPF withdrawal application. These are the main EPFO portal, UAN member portal and UMANG app. In my view, the EPF claim status check through the Main EPFO portal is the best one as it requires least information and gives most data. Even it shows you the details of the past claims as well.

UAN Claim status through EPF Main Portal :-


In this method of UAN Claim status check you only need the UAN number. Neither you are required to remember a password for the login (Necessary for UAN member portal). Nor, there would be an issue of the OTP (UMANG App). I have checked my claim status using all the three methods but this one has given very detailed information.

So let us learn the steps of the best way to check UAN Claim Status. Note, you can use this method not only for EPF withdrawal but for EPF transfer as well.

1- Visit EPF Portal

You have to visit the basic and main portal of the EPFO. This portal has the links to all the services of EPFO. The URL of this portal is –

2- Go to Employee Section

The EPFO has divided its services for Employee, Employer, International workers, pensioners etc. You have to choose the Employee Section.

3 – Know Your Claim Status

In the Employee Section, you would see various options under ‘Services’. Tap on the ‘ Know Your Claim Status’ to check the UAN claim status.

4- Fill the Details

In the next page, you would see a very small form. You have to just enter your UAN and captcha. As you know the captcha would be written there you have to only fill it correctly. This is required to prove that a human being is manually filling the form, not a  computer itself.

5- Choose EPF account Number

You may have more than one EPF account linked to one UAN. In this case, you have to choose the correct EPF account for the status check. Choose it from the given Drop Down Menu………..Read More>>


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