PUBG Limited Edition Xbox Controller not for India!

The PUBG Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller was announced at Gamescom 2018 in addition to a PUBG Xbox One version 1.0 release date and PUBG Xbox One being available on disc. Pre-orders for it opened on the day of its announcement globally. The PUBG Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller price is $70 (around Rs. 4,900) with a release date of October 30 and will ship with exclusive in-game content themed around the controller. At the time, Gadgets 360 got in touch with Microsoft India to find out if this was coming to India given the popularity of PUBG in the nation. If you want the PUBG Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller and you reside in India, you’re out of luck.

“We won’t be launching the PUBG LE Controller in India at this time; however, we’re always looking to offer choice and value to our fans. Similar to other products sold around the world, some products may be unique to participating retailers,” reads an email from the company to Gadgets 360.


No reason for its absence has been given. Though sources in the supply chain suggest the weak Indian Rupee may be the reason as it would be cost-prohibitive to import.

That said, the company also confirmed that PUBG Xbox One version 1.0 won’t be seeing a price hike post release. Digitally, it will have the same price as the game on disc.

“PUBG is available in Xbox Game Preview today in India, and customers there will receive the 1.0 update. The 1.0 disc is available worldwide, though it might be unique to participating retailers. PUBG costs $29.99, with the Rupee equivalent of Rs. 1,990.00 in the Microsoft Store. The price will not change from Xbox Game Preview to 1.0,” states the email from Microsoft to Gadgets 360.

Current owners of the game, and new players who purchase the game digitally can download the exclusive Xbox #1.0 Set beginning September 4 for a limited time from the in-game lobby. It contains a white branded hoodie and sweatpants and a custom Xbox skinned parachute.


Source:- gadgets

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