OnePlus7 will not Support 5G; OnePlus to launch new 5G Phone in 2019

OnePlus has earlier made an announcement that the company has plans to launch a 5G phone next year and it further reiterated the same claim at the recent Qualcomm 4G/5G summit too. But the smartphone maker has stated that this new 5G enabled-device will NOT be an OnePlus 6T successor.

OnePlus says that their 5G phone which will be launched in the coming year 2019 will be a completely different phone with a different branding. It will not be the company’s successful flagship device’s successor. The 5G smartphone from OnePlus will be launched in the beginning of 2019. There isn’t however further clarification on what this 5G device will be called.


So, the OnePlus 6T successor (may be called OnePlus 7) will not be a 5G enabled smartphone. The company wants to keep the OnePlus 7 cost competitive and thus it is planning to launch a separate series early 2019.

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Source:- gadgetgogi


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