OnePlus USB Type-C Bullets review: Perfect OnePlus 6T companion

Brand: OnePlus
Product: OnePlus USB Type-C Bullets
Key specs: Support 96KHz/24Bit HD audio, Coil: Copper-clad aluminum, Wire Core: Enamelled copper wire, Diaphragm: Aryphan Polyarylate, <1% (1000Hz, 1mW) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), 20 – 20,000 Hz Frequency Range,24 Ω Impedance, and 107 dB Sound Pressure Level (SPL).
Price: Rs 1,490
Rating: 4/5

Love it or hate it, OnePlus’ latest flagship phone OnePlus 6T does not have the 3.5mm headphone jack. In order to compensate for the loss, OnePlus has introduced affordable USB Type-C Bullets earphones. Priced at Rs 1,490, new earbuds are upgraded version of the popular Bullets V2 earphones.


OnePlus USB Type-C Bullets earphones are near-excellent headphones at its price point. The new earphones come with minor design and features upgrade. The most important feature is the built-in Cirrus Logic DAC which makes it compatible with wider number of USB Type-C devices.

Before we elaborate the audio performance, let’s talk about the design. OnePlus USB Type-C Bullets earphones come with flat-ish rubber cables and traditional earbuds (rubber and plastic combination). There’s an in-line speaker with buttons to control music/audio playback. You can also use these buttons to receive and disconnect calls. At the bottom of the cable is the USB Type-C connector.

OnePlus USB Type-C Bullets earphones may not be the best looking in-ear headphones but they seem quite sturdy. More importantly they fit well and are easy to carry around. During our usage, we didn’t face any issues related to the design. The in-line speaker box, however, could have been slightly better as it feels like cheap plastic.

Despite average looks, OnePlus USB Type-C Bullets earphones pack a punch. The earphones appear to be little biased towards bass but that’s something which I prefer personally. Songs such as The Knife’s Silent Shout and No Church in the Wild are quite crisp and clear. Songs like Keh Do Na (Rahul Vaidya) are pretty soothing as well.

There’s a fair amount of balance in terms of clarity. If you’re fond of treble-heavy music, you will have to manually customise the settings on OnePlus 6T to adjust the quality. Call quality through OnePlus USB Type-C Bullets is also satisfactory. ALSO READ: OnePlus 6T Review

If you love wired headphones and don’t want to spend a bomb, OnePlus USB Type-C Bullets earphones are near perfect for its price point. You can use it through 3.5mm-to-USB Type-C connector on phones other than OnePlus 6T as well.



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