OnePlus 5G Phone to be launched in May 2019, confirms CEO

OnePlus has earlier announced its plans in launching the first 5G enabled smartphone in 2017. The company further confirmed that it won’t be the OnePlus 7, and will be a completely new device with separate branding.

OnePlus 5G smartphone is being launched in UK in partnership with EE, and the smartphone is a pricy affair. We hear that it’ll be $200 to $300 costlier than the OnePlus 6T. CEO Pete Lau says that the 5G enabled Oneplus smartphone will be released in end May 2019, and he reiterated that the smartphone will be at least $200 to $300 costlier than the OnePlus 6T due to expensive 5G components.


Looks like OnePlus’s focus doesn’t seem on the large scale sales rather than it’s looking for niche maker expansion. “With a focus on being one of the first companies to deliver a 5G phone, our engineers and product development team can receive an early start on how to best develop a premium 5G phone without compromise to design and user experience,” Lau said…..Read More>>



Source:- gadgetgogi


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