Nintendo New Version Switch Model release in 2019

Nintendo Co. is in its plans to release the new version of switch videogame console in summer 2019, in order to maintain the sales momentum. There have been rumors on the release of the new Nintendo Switch model or Nintendo Switch Pro in the past, but now a report from The Wall Street Journal claims that the company is still debating on the hardware and software features additions and the cost of them.

One of the options is to improve the display, where the current Switch uses a lower-end liquid-crystal display without some technologies that are standard in more recent smartphone LCDs. The upgraded display will help in making it brighter, thinner and more energy-efficient. However the the new Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Pro won’t forsake its LCD screen for an OLED panel similar to the iPhone X series.


The Nintendo New Version Switch Model shares many features with the current version and be compatible with existing Switch game software. The competitors are looking at Nintendo if they clarify on its hand-held 3DS videogame device when it decides on the next Switch, especially since heavy hitters like Pokemon have moved onto the Switch.

Game makers opine that we could see an iteration of the Nintendo Switch similar to PS4 has the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One with the Xbox One X.


Source:- gadgetgogi


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