Netflix redesigns its TV interface with new navigation and more

Netflix has officially unvieled its re-designed TV app which aims to navigation and discovery of content easier and the overall look much cleaner. Netflix on TV is set to get a whole new interface with a navigation menu on the left side of the display screen.

Company says “rigorous research and testing around how we can make it easier to find titles on TVs, where navigation can feel a bit tougher when you are restricted to just a few buttons on a remote control.”


Netflix says that the navigation menu has different sections like Home, Series, Movies, My List and New. There’s also a Search option that lets you manually search, and series and movies sections lets you narrow down your search based on your preference at that time.

Company blog says ” First, it is now easier to search and view new content added to the service. It is also far simpler to start browsing with either a series or movie; our research has shown us that while a member generally isn’t sure what exact title they want to watch, they have a pretty good sense……..Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz


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