Microsoft to launch foldable phone Andromeda in 2019

It’s been a few months we have come across the Microsoft’s much talked-about foldable Surface device codenamed “Andromeda”, but a book titled “Beneath a Surface” by journalist and tech blog collaborator Brad Sams, reveals that the tech giant is in its plans to surprise its users by launching the innovative smartphone in 2019.

The tablet when folded acts as a smartphone, and Microsoft won’t be using the regular old Windows Phone OS for it. However, it will be offering a full-fledged Windows experience with some minor trimming. The tablet cum foldable smartphone will be bit larger that the “pocketable” design seen in the patents.


“Again, this device will ship when it’s ready and there is justification for it but the company sees it as a visionary device and it is currently slated for a Q4 (of 2019) release,” the author wrote………Read More>>


Source:- gadgetgogi


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