How to get Aadhaar card now Simple steps to follow

Government made it mandatory for filing Income Tax Returns, other services/benefits and notified that non-compliance could even make PAN invalid later this year, Aadhaar has suddenly became a ‘must have’. While most of us now have an Aadhaar card, some still don’t have it.
So if you are among those few who do not have Aadhaar, here’s a step-wise guide on how to get it:

1. Visit the enrolment centre and carry valid Proof of Identity (POI) and proof of address and photocopies of the same.


2. Fill out the enrolment form correctly ensuring there’s no mistake and mandatory fields are not left blank, record your biometrics and submit the documents.

3. Collect the acknowledgement slip which has your Enrolment ID. The turnaround time to get the Aadhaar card is 90 days. The card is sent by post to your registered address.

Locating the Enrolment Centre and Valid Documents

You can go to any authorized Aadhaar enrolment centre anywhere in India with your proof of identity and proof of address documents. Aadhaar enrolment is free of cost.

Click here to find the nearest enrolment centre.

UIDAI process accepts wide range of identity and address proof documents. Common proofs of identity and address are election photo ID card, Ration card, passport and driving license.

Click here for the list of Valid Documents.

As per the UIDAI website, Photo ID cards like PAN card and Govt ID cards are permissible for identity proof. Address proof documents also include water – electricity – Landline telephone bills for the last three months………Read More>>


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