Here’s how to get a duplicate Voter-ID card

All eligible voters must possess a valid Voter ID card in order to cast their vote. So, in case you have lost or misplaced your Voter ID card, here’s how you can easily apply for a duplicate one.

How to get a duplicate Voter Card :-


Offline process to get duplicate Voter ID card

Visit your nearest Electoral office, and obtain Form EPIC-002, ie. the application form for duplicate Voter ID card.

Fill all the required details.

Attach all the necessary supporting documents, and submit the form.

Post submission, a reference number shall be issued to you, which can be used to track the status of your application.

After successful verification, a duplicate Voter ID card will be issued to you.

Alternate method

You can also download a copy of Form EPIC-002, from the website of your state’s Chief Electoral Office.

Next, fill in the form, and attach all the necessary documents.

Following this, visit your nearest Electoral office, and submit the form and documents.

Post submission, a reference number for application tracking will be issued to you….Read More>>>


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