Have a Try these 5 messaging tricks of WhatsApp on desktop

WhatsApp, also comes in a desktop avatar to ensure quick messaging, without the hassle of picking up your phone time and again.

The app is handy, but you can use some additional tricks to further expedite the whole chatting process on it.


Toggle quickly between chats

As WhatsApp’s desktop client has been designed for a mouse-free messaging experience, you can use the program and all its messaging options via a keyboard.

This means you can hit the ‘tab’ button on repeat to toggle quickly between the search bar, chats, the emoji option, and finally, the textbox.

This can come pretty handy when you’re using the messaging app while working.

Sending emojis with quick shortcuts

You can access emojis by clicking on the emoji icon placed next to textbox.

But, there are other ways of sending emojis – either by typing out classic emoticons or by entering emoji commands starting with a colon (:).

Emoticons like 🙂 were used in the pre-emoji era and will be automatically converted into the intended emoji, while commands can show emoji suggestions.

Instant formatting of text

On WhatsApp mobile, it is difficult to select specific symbols to format text.

But, when you’re on a desktop, all keys are laid out in front, which makes formatting way easier.

All you have to do is start and end the message you want to send with pre-defined symbols like ~ for strikethrough, _ for Italic, “` for monospace, and * for bold.

Shortcuts for muting, archiving chats, creating groups

There are some additional shortcuts, which, if you remember, can further improve the experience of messaging via WhatsApp desktop……………Read More>>


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