H-1B Visa Becomes Even More Tough – Know more

President Trump led US Govt. has imposed even stricter norms for companies who wish to hire foreign workers under H-1B visa, and this include Indians as well.

Meanwhile Canada has decided to throw
open its borders for skilled immigrants, as by 2021, they will welcome 350,000 immigrants.


Now, it is the time to choose between US and Canada. And think hard about your future.

H-1B Visa Becomes More Tough: 4 Pointers

Trump Adminstration has introduced some strict norms in the already tough H-1B labour application process, and this means even lesser H-1B visas would be approved now.

Three new rules have been included:

US-based employers who wish to sponsor foreign employees under H-1B visa must disclose how many H-1B employees they already have. Based on this information, now the labor application will be approved or rejected……….Read More>>


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