After foldable Smartphones, Lenovo & LG to launch foldable Tablet!

You may have already heard of the foldable Smartphones from several companies, and even before one single such device actually shipping, we are hearing about the foldable tablets. Get set for the Foldable Tablets in future as LG Display is reportedly working on a 13-inch foldable display for use in a Lenovo tablet.

Lenovo tablet with an LG-made foldable screen is in manufacturing, and this foldable tablets sports a 13″ display when it’s opened, and 8″ to 9″ when folded. The device will go on a sale in China initially. Apparently, LG Display hopes more future in the foldable tablet market than in foldable smartphones. This is because the devices are less bulky and easier to carry when folded.


LG Display is planning to supply the panel to Lenovo in the second half of next year while Lenovo will manufacture the device, according to the reports. The display will be equipped with an OLED panel that folds in half. There is also news making rounds that Lenovo has attempted to garner interest in its 13-inch panels from Dell and LG Electronics. However LG is yet to comment on the foldable Tablet while there’s no word on whether this would be an Android or Windows device……..Read More>>


Source:- gadgetgogi


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