Daily Archives: February 4, 2019

7 Easy Steps to get the Birth Certificate

It is important for you to know the procedure to apply for and obtain a birth certificate for your child born in India. Birth Certificate is issued by the Municipal Corporation/Municipal Council in urban areas whereas in rural areas the authority is the Tehsildar at the Taluka level. The authority at the village level is […]

Everything you need to know about it Android Q

Google has a knack for naming Android OS alphabetically after desserts. Last year, it was Pie, meaning this time it will be something starting from Q. While nobody knows what Google has in mind, the top contenders this year are real tongue twisters like Quiche,Quindim, Quaker Oats, Qottab, Qurabiya, Queen of Puddings, Quesito, and Quirks. […]

How to check PF account balance on your mobile

Provident Fund is a benefit that a lot of organisations offer to their employees. With the advent of technology, it has become easier to check or track that how much amount you have in your PF account. Here we list four — Umang App, EPFO portal, SMS — ways through which you can check PF […]

Carry Aadhaar in your smartphone with the mAadhaar

Always carrying a physical copy with you isn’t quite practical, the UIDAI launched the mAadhaar app, which serves as your digital Aadhaar copy, on-the-go. What is mAadhaar? mAadhaar is the official Aadhaar smartphone app launched by the UIDAI, to let users easily and conveniently access their Aadhaar details right from their smartphone, whenever and wherever […]