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With a DigiYatra ID, Paperless air travel soon! Know How it works?

Airports across India have joined their forces to create a unique paperless boarding facility for all air passengers. Called as DigiYatra ID, this can be a revolution in the aviation sector. And the most interesting part: Although this will be based on biometric data, Aadhaar won’t be mandatory here. DigiYatra ID = Paperless Boarding :- […]

UDAN Air Ticket now for just 967

Summer holidays are been on the full mode and the travel needs have been increased to higher note. Considering the need for more affordable and comfortable travel, both aviation and rail transport industries have launched special programs and fares for all. Jet Airways has jumped into the UDAN mode and announced special Rs 967 airfare […]

Commercial License not required for Auto, Taxis Now – Will This Decision Help?

Changes the entire structure and format of commercial driving in India. Their is no need of Commercial License For Taxis, Autos Now :- Road Transport Ministry has released a statement of advisory to all State Govt. to follow this new rule for Commerce Driving: No separate Commercial License required now. However a personal driving license […]